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Hay Grinderman LLC
Clint and Darrin Eck: 620-532-2246
Hay Grinderman LLC
Hay Grinderman LLC is a commercial hay grinding business owned and operated by Clint and Darrin Eck. Clint and Patti Eck started the company over 35 years ago when he recognized the benefits of grinding hay for his own livestock.  The company now serves cattlemen and feed yards throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas.  Grinding your hay promotes digestion and increases palatability.  It reduces hay sorting and waste which increases the profitability of your feeding enterprise. Additionally, grinding hay allows you to feed mixed rations, and to mix lower quality of roughage with that of a higher quality.   
Hay Grinderman LLC ®   525 NW 20th Ave, Kingman, KS  67068